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About us

This site celebrates the beginning of the Rock’n’Roll popular music scene in Australia. Before it began, most music, it’s creators and stars were from overseas, mainly America and England. Whilst there were the odd few in the big band era who were recorded in Australia, there was nothing like the industry which grew out of Rock’n’Roll.

There were many many who took part in it from promoters to agents, venues, media, musicians and other performers, there were really only a few who captured the hearts and ears of the population mass of the 10 millions or so Australians.

We hope you enjoy the history of those who were the ‘missionaries’ of the billion dollar music industry of today.

They must not be forgotten, as they did exist and there would be no industry today if not for them.

Opening Logo of Six O’Clock Rock TV Show

Early Australian Record labels

Back in those days there were only labels that released overseas records, until the early 50’s when others started. By the early 60’s there were many labels dedicated to Australian artists.

Today once again there are very few.

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