Did you know!
Whilst the biggest of the stars of the original era are still performing today.. many of those who never had the chance or luck to make a record or go on TV are also still performing!
Very few have passed away although as time goes on, the inevitability of it becoming a frequent event is there.
If you have the chance to see or meet one of them, do it!

How they were -1959>
How they are -1990>

Where are these Aussie stars today ?

Well, you'd be surprised but most of them are still performing today. Only a handfull have passed on at this date so it is not too late to go see them when they perform near you.

After performing for 40 plus years, they all deserve to be called the over used word 'Legend'. They are not fly by nights, not wanna be's or dreamers.. they achieved what many dreamed back then and what have done what many dream of doing today.

Over the years --

Once the English Invasion and the 'Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll' syndrome took hold in the mid-late 60's, rock started to change it's form from melodious songs with a heavy back-beat to songs that featured the electronic sounds of the moment. Whenever a new sound was discovered, it started a new style of music and this even holds up until today.

The first major shifts in this direction were caused by the fact that amplifiers were now made from transistor components as opposed to the softer 'valve' predecessors. The wattages went from 50 watt amps to thousands! This also introduced the guitar distortion effects that has led to a virtually endless range of effects now available.

The lyrical messages changed from basic 'love songs' between teenager lovers, to songs about the social problems of the world or any one person in it. The wars in various areas of the world sparked a mass of songs about 'love and war' with depressing over-tones and that tied in with the growing drug culture. Rock was getting sick to it's stomach!

If you have enjoyed Rock'n'Roll at any stage in your life, these stars, either directly or indirectly tapped into your soul and injected you with some fantastic enjoyment that you will remember all your life.

Remember them with respect..

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