Did you know?
There was and still is a layered system of performers, not by anyone's

choice, but governed by popularity and success.

For example stars with many hit parade successes or weekly TV shows are in one stream whilst those who do the same thing and maybe just as good but don't have that success, are in another stream.

Others still who did not any record success or very few TV show appearances are in another stream whilst those who never had any records or TV appearances are in another. The same applies today...

How they were 1958 >
How they are 1990 >

The Guys..

As they looked many years later.....

Well, you'd be surprised but most of them are still performing today. Only a handful have passed on at this date so it is not too late to go see them when they perform near you.

After performing for 40 plus years, they all deserve to be called the over used word 'Legend'. They are not fly by nights, not wanna be's or dreamers.. they achieved what many dreamed back then and what have done what many dream of doing today.

Warren Williams,Barry Stanton
Doug DeKroo

Adam,Johnny Devlin,Lucky Starr

Alan Dale,Lonnie Lee

Lucky Starr

Johnny Devlin


Johnny O'Keefe 1935-1978

Lonnie Lee



Warren Williams




More to come.... More to come....

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