Did you know!
The first hit parades were for the sales of sheet music because music lovers played pianos, not records.
The early hit parades were either a Top 8 or Top 10 and it wasn't until Top 40 started in 1958, when 'rotation' radio was introduced. The most popular were played up to 8 times a day speeding up the popularity of stars and the SuperStar was born.

The First Stars
Rock Radio
Voing Booth

The Radio Series
'The Roots of Aussie Rock'


The presentation's mission is to inform the radio listening public of some of the major highlights of the original Rock'n'Roll era 1958 to 1964 in a unique way. It is hosted by Lonnie Lee, a Legend of the era gives it credability and puts a reality and factual spin on the stories.

The aim is to have the series aired in both City and country markets.

Presented in an 'energy' fashion based on the latest styles of the highest rated cable TV and radio methods. This style could be changed to meet station format.

Lonnie Lee is one of the true Legends of Australian Rock'n'Roll. He is credited with having 8 #1 hits, 14 years in USA, some of them writing with Roy Orbison, and still today receiving 'Best Performer Awards'.

Each presentation features a different subject and some of them are..
The Hit Parades (How they evolved)
Six O'clock Rock (Australia's first rock TV Show)
The Tours (The first time pop radio stars went interstate and to the country areas)

Production Breakdown
Intro - (Static)
    Add break

Subject - (Changes with each subject)
    Add break

Outro - (Static)

Running Time
Each presentation runs a max of 4 mins
(Time can be altered to suit needs)

Each presentation features a contest at this web site. Some have prizes.

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